The iiaa Ltd announces staff and brand changes

12 Sep 2017

The International Institute for Anti-Ageing (iiaa) has revealed changes within the organisation with additional staff and a new advertising campaign.

Following a successful first half of 2017 the iiaa is expanding its digital team after it reported a 165% increase in press, social and digital awareness compared to 2016.

The company has introduced Andrew Fajemisin as its new online and social marketing specialist. Fajemisin will be responsible for ensuring that the brand experience across all digital and social platforms provides excellent user experience and encourages brand involvement and engagement.

Additionally, the iiaa has announced that staff members will be the brand ambassadors for its new 'Feed, Fortify, Finish' skincare advertising campaign, which launched in September. According to the company, the campaign aims to empower skincare professionals to deliver the best results for their patients.

Ewa Johnson, head of communications at iiaa, said, “Our staff truly embody our brand philosophy across every department, from those that help deliver essential product to the experts who spend their time with patients. Everyone genuinely has a passion for excellence and, it is almost impossible to find anyone who is not a true advocate of skin health. We decided that putting our staff at the forefront of our message to the industry was the obvious way ‘to practice what we preach.’”


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