ThermaVein introduces new technology for large veins

21 Jul 2017

Energy device ThermaVein has released the ThermaVein Rapid (TVR) to treat large veins.

The TVR is now available in the UK and Europe and aims to deliver a controlled, rapidly repeating pulse to improve the efficacy of treatment for veins whilst improving patient comfort. The new technology is said to deliver powerful safe pulse bursts between 0.5 to three seconds apart, which in turn, aims to result in better thermal coagulation, where recanalisation of the vessel is less likely after treatment.

The launch coincides with the British company's fifth birthday and it is also celebrating its distribution network expanding to five continents.

John Fisher, managing director at ThermaVein said, “We have been working on this system for some time and we are delighted to launch it in the UK for our fifth birthday celebration. The results are amazing, whilst we have not moved from our core belief which is that 4MHz is the lowest treatment in today's marketplace. We cannot wait to show the new device off – we are so confident of the results and it’s a pleasure to take it out and show practitioners in their own clinics."

ThermaVein is CE certificated and FDA registered.  


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