THOUGHT PIECE: COVID-19 and its ramifications on cosmetic dermatology

06 Apr 2020

Consultant dermatologists Dr Firas Al-Niaimi and Dr Faisal R. Ali share their views on how the coronavirus will impact cosmetic dermatology

Dr Firas Al-Niaimi

Whilst the world is battling a pandemic with COVID-19, the entire medical profession and its allied services are reshaping and adjusting its non-acute services which will inevitably shape our future approach. These changes are not limited to a speciality and will inevitably affect cosmetic dermatology.

 The current changes in the practice of cosmetic dermatology are best defined with the acronym COVID. Practices need to consider these changes to safeguard their future services:

Dr Faisal Ali

Consultations are likely to be prioritised and optimised with the use of telemedicine. This is a branch that is finding a rapid growth within dermatology.

Operations amongst other procedures are being prioritised with acute and urgent cases being dealt with and many others being postponed. Further information is needed regarding the risk to the operator (or injector) of contracting COVID-19 from potentially infected patients.

Virtual conferences and meetings are being established and this is likely to grow and expand beyond the COVID era.

Isotretinoin prescribing is limited and re-evaluated given concerns of its effects on the mucosal surfaces leading to an increased potential viral load.

Devices and equipment are being assessed and some might be in short supply, such as masks and protective anti-septic material. Vapour from ablative lasers might interact with the mucosal respiratory system and its implications on viral inhalation and load.

Medicine is being challenged by a virus and it is inevitable that post COVID-19, some of these changes will have prolonged implications on cosmetic dermatology.


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