UK nurses become first in the world to train in Plexr

11 Jul 2017

Aesthetic distributor Fusion GT and Soft Surgery Academy has announced that it will now provide training to non-prescribing nurses for its plasma generator device Plexr.

According to Fusion GT, the decision to train non-prescribing nurse has come following a realisation that some practitioners were delegating Plexr treatments to the nurses in their clinic without proper training and insurance coverage. 

Fusion GT director and European trainer for Plexr, Tiziana Giovanelli, said that all medical practitioners should have the opportunity to offer the plasma treatment and be properly trained to maintain patient safety. She said, "We are proud to announce that after many years of conversations with our manufacturer, we are now licensed to sell and train nurses in Plexr, opening up this innovative technology to all medical practitioners. The UK will be the first country where Plexr is available for nurses."

Fusion GT and Soft Surgery Academy has been offering certified training for more than three years and ensures that all practitioners learn adequate techniques, equipment knowledge, risks and complications of treatment and application protocols.

“I am immensely looking forward to training nurses (both prescribing and non-prescribing) because it is a gateway gift from Fusion GT, to open up the pathway of the future of plasma medicine to all nurses working under the umbrella of aesthetics,” said key opinion leader and trainer for Plexr Ruth Eaton, who is also an independent nurse prescriber. 

She added, "I want to thank Fusion GT on behalf of all nurses for bringing us into their fold. As nurses, we have the opportunity to change the direction that our patients take. Having Plexr at our disposal will allow us to improve patients’ choices and the quality of the treatments that we give. I intend to inspire action from other nurses to come along to the workshops and educational seminars, to learn more about plasma medicine and be a part of the future of aesthetics.” 


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