Vida Aesthetics introduces Ozonetherapy to the UK

29 Sep 2016

Aesthetic distributor Vida Aesthetics has launched an oxygen and ozone delivery machine to the UK.

The ATO3M machine is a platform that uses a mixture of oxygen and ozone in a concentration ranging from 2 μg/ml to 40 μg/m and aims to improve the appearance of lines, cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, acne, chronic candidiasis and other common skin complaints. 

“The essential difference of Ozonetherapy from other cosmetic remedies and treatments for ageing and pain is its dual action from the outside and inside of the skin, that leads to oxygenation, immune stimulation, improved collagen health and the protection and restoration of some of the most common feminine problems,” said Eddy Emilio, director of Vida Aesthetics. 

He continued, “Used for many years in sports medicine, chronic pain management, and even gynaecology, we know it’s a versatile, reliable and safe method for men and women looking to improve their skin health from the inside out. The treatment itself is similar to carboxytherapy, and tiny needles transfer ozone gas under the top layer of skin.”


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