Virtual Surgery Training Ltd launches new module

05 Oct 2018

Ear, nose, throat and facial plastic surgeon, Mr Deniz Kanliada, the founder and CEO of educational software provider Virtual Surgery Training Ltd, has launched a new virtual reality (VR) training module called Virtual Aesthetic Doctor.

Targeted to aesthetic doctors, Virtual Surgery Training Ltd develops VR training modules for medical practitioners and medical students. Mr Kanliada believes that through this visual way of learning, students and novice surgeons are able to ‘view and experience complex surgeries and non-surgical procedures without stepping into the operating room'.

The latest training module, Virtual Aesthetic Doctor, is a mobile application that allows users to explore the full range of activities in the treatment room including botulinum toxin injections and non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures. They can watch the procedure from multiple angles, zoom in and out of the treated area as well as pause, rewind and replay the procedure. This module combines anatomy lectures that allows the user to study danger zones and anatomical landmarks as well as being able to see what is happening in a three-dimensional environment.

Mr Kanliada said, “The innovative way of learning a variety of medical aesthetic techniques and anatomy at the same time in 3D at 360 degrees of a virtual environment makes it a useful learning experience."

Mr Kanliada notes that Virtual Aesthetic Doctor is not to replace original hands on training, but to help improve and assist a practitioner’s skills and anatomy knowledge before, during and after all required training.

Virtual Aesthetic Doctor is available on Google Play Store, Oculus and Samsung Store only. 


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