Vivacy unveils new rejuvenating skincare products

11 Jul 2022

Dermocosmetic company Vivacy has introduced three new products to its portfolio aiming to rejuvenate the skin with daily usage.

The HYDRAPLUS concentrated hydrating serum combines two hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights to target the deeper skin layer and epidermis, aiming to prevent early signs of ageing through boosted collagen production. The AQUA LISS sheet mask is designed for use both after clinical treatments and for at-home treatment, helping with hydration and water retention on the skin’s surface. Finally, the URBAN RESIST lightweight moisturiser is designed to protect the skin from daily environmental factors such as sun damage, blue light and pollution using ingredients including wild ginger extract, vitamin B3 and glycerine.

Vivacy’s product specialist for the North West of England, Victoria Van Herp, said, "Everyone needs hydration and protection in their daily routine, so I'm proud to work for a manufacturer with innovative formulations and ground breaking technology from bone to skin."


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