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By ABC Lasers / 27 Nov 2017

ABC Lasers joined EsteWorld plastic surgery and health group on local Hounslow Sunrise Radio, the world’s first 24-hour commercial Asian radio station, focusing on entertainment, music and news.

ABC Business Development Manager Adam Bashier joined Sam Cinkir Managing Director of Esteworld to talk all things laser with the host of the show.

For many years, laser hair removal was a luxury for those with pale skin and dark hair as the bigger the colour contrast the more successful the treatment. Lasers are attracted to the melanin pigment inside the hair and skin and destroy the hair root. Regular lasers become confused with darker skin tones and target the melanin in the skin instead of the hair which results in burning, pigmentation and scarring. Fortunately, technology has come a long way and there now laser hair removal systems which work on all skin tones and hair types.

Soprano Ice Platinum is the only laser hair removal system to simultaneously employ 3 laser wavelengths (Alex, YAG and Speed Technology), sapphire contact cooling and the innovative SHR treatment method for a safe, painless and incredibly effective solution to the problem of unwanted hair no matter what your skin tone or colour. With the Soprano treatment, there is a different delivery method in the laser and it penetrates deep into the follicle quickly and is more attuned to picking up hair melanin instead of the skins.

Esteworld have recently introduced Soprano Ice Platinum and Harmony PRO into their UK clinics. Managing Director Sam Cinkir. "We have selected Soprano and Harmony because both platforms offer painless and comfortable treatments with results that patients love, recommend to others and return to have. We will be switching all our current laser technology to Alma. Within two weeks of buying our first Soprano, we have already placed an order for another machine to meet the demand and more will follow."

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Alma Lasers is the leading supplier of innovative medical aesthetic technologies. Alma Lasers is recognized by industry practitioners for its whole-hearted commitment to providing complete solutions to professional practices. Alma Lasers offers innovative technologies, dependable equipment, knowledgeable sales staff, and years of industry expertise. Alma Lasers is distributed in the UK by ABC Lasers.

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Esteworld is multidisciplinary cosmetic surgery centre within world-class, integrated health care delivery systems, combining broad-based, innovative approaches with high-quality patient care. Their cosmetic surgery and skin care team is comprised of experienced health care professionals - including plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgery specialists, dermatologists, cosmetic dental experts and support staff.