ALMA Harmony Pixel Treatment used in Corrective Lip Procedure By The ESHO Initiative.

By ABC Lasers / 11 Jun 2018

In October 2016 Dr Esho launched the Esho Initiative in collaboration in order to provide corrective treatment, free of charge, to the victims of botched cosmetic procedures, those born with congenital deformities and those who have experienced severe scarring or disfigurement due to a life changing incident.

Dr Esho has recently performed a lip construction on a young woman called Alysia who was born with a cleft palate. Having had numerous surgeries as a child she turned to the Esho initiative to provide reconstruction using dermal filler and to give her back her smile. The final stage of her treatment was performed using Harmony Pixel to correct the external scarring.

Alysia's before and after pictures were shared with The Esho Clinics Instagram followers and the Esho team commented; " The ability to treat her and people like her under the The Esho initiative is al thanks to you our loyal patients. A big thank you to you all from Dr Esho- The Esho team and Alysia. You have given her back her smile."

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