Altrient C welcomes Latest ASA Ruling on Clarity of Liposomal Vitamin C Marketing

By Altrient / 03 Nov 2021

Leading liposomal food supplement brand Altrient® has welcomed the latest ruling from the Advertising Standard Agency (ASA) regarding the clarity and required substantiation of marketing claims around liposomal vitamin C supplement brands. The ASA upheld the complaint against supplement brand YourZooki – stating that YourZooki’s claims of its VITAMIN C ZOOKI product being a “liposomal vitamin C” are unsubstantiated and misleading.

This ruling comes as a result of lengthy and detailed investigation by the ASA into YourZooki for the liposomal claims for VITAMIN C ZOOKI, with the committee finding this week that the YourZooki claims of a “liposomal” delivery system are misleading and unsubstantiated. This is an important victory for the wider vitamin supplementation industry, as the ruling ensures that industry standards are upheld and that the end consumer is protected.

The ASA went on to state:
“We had not seen conclusive evidence confirming the presence of liposomes in YourZooki’s product and concluded that the claims “liposomal vitamin C”, and similar claims about the liposomal content of the product, were misleading and had not been substantiated.” The YourZooki marketing claims were deemed to have breached the CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 3.1 (Misleading advertising) and 3.7 (Substantiation) and in future they must not refer to "liposomal vitamin C" or make similar claims about the liposomal content of the product unless they hold suitable evidence to substantiate the claim.
Abundance & Health, Altrient’s distributor and retailer, independently tests liposomal brands for quality.

**Four brands tested**

"In September 2020 four different liposomal brands were tested, including YourZooki. YourZooki and one other brand returned negative tests for liposomes. Two other brands showed very low liposome levels. On this basis, we made a complaint to the ASA about the liposomal claims of YourZooki. The consumer will have no way of determining which product is genuine based on the marketing message. We are grateful that the ASA has taken this matter seriously and completed a thorough investigation. We believe that this ruling will force the remaining brands who are falsely marketing their products as "liposomal” to remove their liposomal claims for the benefit of consumers and true liposomal producers” , says Tim Orchard, Director of Abundance & Health. “At Altrient®, we are proud of our scientific heritage and believe in an ethically-led approach to marketing. – our claims are backed by robust scientific evidence, including double-blind placebo-controlled trials, which is why we are confident in the quality and efficacy of our supplements.”

Dr. Thomas Levy, cardiologist, vitamin C expert and consultant for LivOn Labs says:

“This is an important day for the liposomal vitamin industry and for consumers. Liposomal supplements are a fascinating technology for delivering maximised absorption, but ‘buyer beware’ there is more fraud in liposomal supplements than in any other type of supplement I have seen. Brands just slap the word ‘liposomal’ on the product and try to make as much money as they can, until and if they get called out on what they are doing. Unfortunately, too many people want to make too much money and have no significant ethics. Taking a product that you believe to be liposomal but isn’t deprives people of the absorption benefits of true liposomal vitamin C. It is terribly unfair to consumers who are paying for a very specific technology that in many cases simply isn’t utilised in the product! Making a high-quality, high-tech, liposomal vitamin C is not a fast, easy, cheap or simple process, and the industry needs to be better regulated to avoid this kind of misleading behaviour. We are delighted that the ASA have taken such a keen interest in this case and are taking decisive action to protect consumers.”.

As true pioneers within the liposomal space, Altrient® believe that this ruling will both help ensure that customers are not mis-sold fraudulent liposomal products and hopefully deter other brands from making similar unsubstantiated claims about advanced formulations, putting trust and confidence back into the hands of both consumers and distributors.

For further information, please find the link to the ruling below.

**About Abundance & Health**

Established in 2010, Abundance & Health is the European distributor and e-tailer of high quality, high performance, wellness products that meet stringent quality and efficacy standards, including Altrient®, NEUTRIENT, Results RNA. Abundance & Health is a family run business, headed up by Jonathan Orchard, a renowned acupuncturist and health practitioner who travels the globe in search of innovative products that positively impact our health and wellbeing.