By Altrient / 06 May 2021

Award-winning and skin-loving Altrient liposomal vitamin C is now available from Church Pharmacy making it easily accessible to skin clinics all over the country.

We are delighted to be working with Church Pharmacy, one of the foremost suppliers of pharmaceutical and medical aesthetic products to medical professionals within the UK with decades of experience in the field. They stock a comprehensive range of trusted products including Altrient C and Altrient Liposomal Glutathione, both of which have seen a significant increase in interest from expert beauty clinics across the field in Europe as clients look for the best ways to support their skin, immunity and collagen formation from within and is becoming a staple product in pre and post-treatment packs.

**As featured in The Times, tested by Alice Hart-Davis**

"My results were in line with the results of the Altrient double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial last year. My skin looked great, which, considering I was only using sunscreen and a basic night cream, seemed a miracle. Of course, this stuff is not cheap. Three sachets a day costs about £100 a month, but investing in face creams and skin-conditioning procedures is a lot more expensive. And the supplement works for all your skin.

So am I a convert? I am. I have started to buy it in bulk and take two a day, but I am back on my old regimen too. I’d rather add this new find to my daily mix than rely on it exclusively. I can’t give up high-tech creams, lasers and micro-needling that easily."

Altrient’s cutting-edge liposomal formula cleverly delivers vitamin C into the bloodstream and then on to the cells and has been shown in studies to increase skin elasticity significantly. Using LivOn Labs’ patented process, the gold standard in liposomes encapsulation since 2004. Altrient is the first and original liposomal vitamin C made with a patented process to deliver maximised absorption.

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