By Altrient / 20 May 2021

**Now available on GetHarley virtual practitioner shelf**

Award-winning Altrient C is now available through practitioners with GetHarley, an online platform designed to make selling skincare easy and pleasurable, whilst prompting repeat purchases and providing a premium, personalised service for each patient.

The qualified medical professional; be it doctor, nurse or therapist, delivers a skin consultation (in clinic or online) and enters the patient’s product regimen directly into the online platform. This is done with a touch of a button and takes approximately one minute per patient. The patient can decide to buy these products from the clinic or they can have the products shipped directly to their doorstep by GetHarley. For those wanting to ‘think about it’, they can purchase later on-the-go via a link sent directly to their phone which contains details of their personalised regimen.

**Altrient award-winning formula for skin**

Altrient C’s advanced liposomal formula cleverly delivers vitamin C into the blood stream and then on to the cells and has been shown in studies to increase skin elasticity significantly. Made by LivOn Labs in the US, the gold standard in liposomals, Altrient is the first and original liposomal vitamin C made with a patented process to deliver maximised absorption and is clinically proven to increase skin elasticity by 61% when taking 3 sachets a day for 3 months.

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