ClearLift goes LIVE as Dr Tijion Esho talks to HELLO!

By ABC Lasers / 17 Nov 2017

With the Christmas fast approaching , Dr Esho goes live on Facebook with Hello! to discuss the tricks celebrities are using to prepare their skin for festive events.

Dr Esho, UK brand ambassador for Alma Lasers, shares his advice about time sensitive treatment with minimum downtime and maximum impact.

He says; " One of my favourite groups of lasers is from a company called Alma Lasers and they have something called the ClearLift laser which is nicknamed the A List facial. It helps tighten the skin, lifts the skin and also gently resurfaces. The procedure will take anything from 15-20 can go back to work and no one will know."

Harmony PRO™ ClearLift™ is the world’s first fractional non ablative 1064 nm laser. Unlike traditional fractional or pixelated laser skin resurfacing treatments, this technology divides up the laser light in to multiple fractions that go deeper into the dermis and cause regeneration from underneath with absolutely no injury to the skins surface, leaving no redness or tell tale signs. And what's more it's a universal treatment for all ages and skin types!

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