Definitive Ellansé® Expert’s Guide is published

By Sinclair / 24 Oct 2022

The Definitive Ellansé® Expert’s Guide brings together five world-renowned doctors who share their expertise and insights into pioneering bio-stimulating dermal filler.

Global medical aesthetics specialist Sinclair has published the definitive Ellansé® An Expert’s Guide aimed at clinicians who have completed Ellansé injection training and are looking for ways to advance their clinical practice. The book offers more than 160 pages, over eight chapters, covering everything from The Anatomy of the Face to The Ageing Process, plus Patient Selection and Preparation, as well as exemplary Case Studies.

Five renowned facial aestheticians deliver their expertise in the Guide; Dr Francisco de Melo, UAE, Dr Shang-Li Lin, Taiwan, Dr Ingrid López-Gehrke, Mexico, Dr Amanda Ong, Australia and finally, the late Dr Pierre Nicolau of Spain who passed away earlier this year and to whom the book is dedicated.

Central to the book is a comprehensive Injection Techniques chapter, which includes a general guide for Ellansé use, injection techniques and placement, injection types, levels of difficulty and treatment sequences.

The content has been well received; as nurse practitioner Anna Kremerov explains:

“I was so thrilled when I got this book "Ellansé Expert Guide". This book is based on years of experience and systematically developed statements from the most experienced KOLs to assist new and experienced practitioners in their professional development and decisions about appropriate treatments for specific clinical cases. This book offers concise instructions on how to deliver treatments in the safest way. I believe the most important benefit of 'Ellansé Expert Guide' is the potential to improve both the quality of treatment planning and delivering patient's outcomes."

"Nowadays, clinicians must choose from numerous, sometimes differing, and occasionally incorrect and contradictory guidelines from different sources (including social media etc....) and I believe it can lead to the use of incorrect techniques, and perhaps most importantly, harm to patients.”

When it was launched Ellansé was heralded as the first of a new class of bio-stimulating dermal filler - and it is still considered the gold standard - offering both instant and gradual results; increased volume occurs immediately post-injection, however volumisation continues to develop for up to four months as microspheres in the filler gel encourage the body to produce Type 1 collagen in response1 .

This is the body’s most flexible collagen, which allows full facial movement, and as a consequence, brings about nuanced, flexible and natural-looking results, which are then tuneable for one to two years depending on the version selected. The range allows physicians to customise treatments for the face according to treatment indication and the length of time. The results will last up to 24 months2

Ellansé is indicated for the treatment of:
• Upper face: forehead, temples, brow area
• Mid face: nose, malar augmentation, cheeks, nasolabial folds
• Lower face: Oral commissures, marionette lines, pre-jowl sulcus, mental crease/chin definition and jawline

The Ellansé IFU also states the product can be used for3:

• Dermal and subcutaneous skin conditions and imperfections
• Acne scars
• Traumatic scars
• Otology

A copy of Ellansé® An Expert’s Guide can be requested through your Sinclair Account Manager. For more information, please visit

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