Enter Sinclair’s The Power of Lips Competition

By Sinclair / 18 Aug 2022

Upload your ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of MaiLi Lips case study images on Instagram tagging @maili_uk and using the hashtag #MaiLiLipsFTW to enter as many cases as you wish.

Don’t miss your chance to showcase how you use MaiLi in Sinclair’s The Power of Lips Competition designed to highlight the range of applications and best outcomes that can be achieved using its top performing MaiLi Define Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler for lips.

The competition, which is live now, is being judged by an expert panel headed by independent judge Shannon Kilgariff, supported by Dr Sheila Nguyen, Nina Prisk and Jane Wilson, with special guest judge, Dr Tijion Esho.

Dr Nguyen explains what the judges will be looking for in the winning entry: “The lips must complement the patient’s face shape, and the filling technique needs to have been conducted in such a way that it looks completely integrated with the natural lips, so it is not obvious that the patient has had any lip treatment.”

She adds that most patients require gentle volumisation over more than one treatment session, particularly in aged lips, which have lost collagen and elastin. “Planning and staging treatments is really important; some people are blessed full lip volume and others are not. And that could be due to their skeletal patterns. That’s why assessment is really important.”
Her comments are echoed by Dr Tijion Esho, who says: “Lip treatment also includes the assessment and preparation – so what you do to the lips before treatment, the products you choose and the aftercare is imperative. Some people believe the lip area is easy to inject, when actually it is one of the hardest areas to get right. Less is more is always a good approach; using small amounts at a time and helping the patient to understand they are not going to get the finish they want in one session.”

Dr Nguyen also shared her expert tips on how to achieve competition-winning photography for prospective entrants: “You need good, consistent lighting – we definitely don’t want to see bad lighting on the before photo and great lighting on the after; we want to compare like-with-like. Plus, we’re not only judging the work you’ve done, but also the photographs – for instance, are you trying to hide something in the lighting of the after shot? I also like to see front oblique and profile shots because this allows me to assess whether the shape and definition are done well.”

Why MaiLi?

MaiLi is a game-changing brand which offers exceptional, long-term results. Its OxiFree™ HA technology gives lips a more natural, super-soft look, with proven results even after 12 months.*

As Dr Esho says: “When I’m choosing a lip product, it’s really important to me to have one that is backed by thorough research to ensure it is safe, which MaiLi is, and then that it is soft and matches the rheology of the tissue it is going into, which MaiLi does."

Dr Nguyen adds: “I’m a huge fan of MaiLi for the lips. First of all, there are two different products so I can select them differently depending on whether I’m enhancing lips or treating aging. Plus, I can mix and match… so I love that there’s a product range that I can select from depending on the patient sitting in front of me, which allows me to make the treatment bespoke to the patient. The other reason I love it is because I can use much less product but get the same projection and lift within the lips.”

Enter The Power of Lips Competition

The competition prizes include an invitation to attend The Sinclair World Experts Meeting in Barcelona, for the winner, and a MaiLi In-Clinic Experience - a private practice session from a leading MaiLi trainer, and boxes of MaiLi for second and third prize winners.

The competition closing date is Friday 9th September 2022 at midnight, with the results announced in September. Upload your ‘before’ and ‘after’ MaiLi Lips case study images on Instagram tagging @maili_uk and using the hashtag #MaiLiLipsFTW to enter as many cases as you wish.

MaiLi follows the lineage established by medical aesthetics company Sinclair which also boasts Ellansé, a collagen stimulating dermal filler for the face, in its treatment portfolio, ; the recently launched Lanluma collagen stimulating dermal filler for the face and the body; Silhouette Soft, its unique cone threaded sutures for non-surgical skin repositioning; and Perfectha, a line of resorbable HA gel implants.

*Data on file.