For fresh skin texture: Try fractional lasers...

By Lynton Lasers / 28 Oct 2020

The Lynton 3JUVE is recommended as 1 of 11 ‘tweakment’ alternatives to invasive cosmetic surgery in Woman and Home.

For fresh skin texture: Try fractional lasers...

Fractional lasers cause mini “injuries” to skin’s upper- and lower-layers using heat, so it repairs itself by producing new collagen. It’s more targeted than traditional laser meaning less downtime, and feels somewhere between nicely warm and “ouch, bit prickly”. Expect a week’s worth of minor sunburn-like flakiness in exchange for fresh bouncy texture that keeps improving for up to a year. New and exciting is Lynton Lasers 3Juve, a pick and mix bespoke course of fractional laser, brightening intense pulsed light (IPL) and firming radio frequency. Seek our Dr Askari at ASKINOLOGY for a realistic assessment of what it will – and won’t – do for your skin.

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