From Love Island to the Premier League there is barely a hairy chest in site when it comes to the ne

By ABC Lasers / 09 Aug 2018

Today’s ideal of masculinity is defined by torsos' as smooth as silk, that accentuate well-honed abs and pecs to perfection.

And it seems men are turning to more permanent methods of hair removal as the desire for hairless flesh has become the gaol for any self-respecting himbo!

According to aesthetic clinic group, Courthouse Clinics, with 12 clinics across the UK, record numbers of men are feeling under pressure when it comes to managing their body hair.
‘Manscaping’ using laser to permanently reduce hair is on the rise thanks to footballers and the Love Island hotties.

Amongst these record numbers includes ex-coronation street star Ryan Thomas who paid a visit to Care of The Skin Clinics in Wilmslow where the actor opted for two areas to be treated; chest and back.

Ryan was joined by fitness guru girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh- who joined him in the pampering declaring to her 1.3million followers on Instagram; “Why have I put this off for so long! So quick, pain free and works.”

Recent statistics on the breakdown of laser hair removal treatments at Courthouse Clinics revealed a 150 percent increase in the number of men getting permanent hair removal since 2009, particularly among younger men aged 18-35 (59%). Almost half had laser hair removal on their backs or shoulders, 20 percent on their chest or abdomen and 15 percent visit the clinics to reduce hair on their cheek and beard areas.

Dr Kasia Brenan, Health & Wellness Director of Courthouse Clinics attributes this to the availability of faster and almost pain free methods of laser hair removal, “Men are increasingly expressing a desire for a hair-free body while looking for less time-consuming methods for body hair maintenance - just like their female counterparts" she says. "Advanced technology now means that hair removal can take less than 20 minutes with a treatment with no pulling, tugging or ripping of the hair associated with waxing. It goes a long way to explaining the rise in popularity for laser hair removal - what was once a painful process is now a gentle treatment, especially compared to waxing which, apart from shaving, was seen as the only alternative for men. Laser hair removal permanently reduces hair and doesn't leave men with painful, ingrown hair.”

Ingrown hair after waxing can be real pain for men because male hair is usually thicker and courser than women’s and follicles can easily become damaged and irritated. Only last year, a Real Madrid player had to sit out a match due to a leg-shaving injury, an infected follicle meant he couldn’t pull up his socks.

Soprano ICE Platinum from Alma Lasers, is the only laser hair removal solution for year-round application, suitable for use on all skin types, and all types of hair, too. Unlike traditional laser technology, men who tired Soprano reported it as almost zero pain - a first for laser hair technology.

The treatment cools the skin with an ice tip and the laser is delivered via "In-Motion" technology which means patients feel no discomfort during the procedure. Multiple clinical studies conducted by leading dermatologists confirm the safety and efficacy of Soprano ICE. It can also be used to treat small and difficult to target areas like the eyebrows, nose and ears making it the ideal treatment for men. And good news for the Love Island boys is that even tanned skin can be safely treated.
Laser hair removal is not a quick fix treatment.

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