Game changing Lynton device features in the Daily Mail

By Lynton Lasers / 07 Oct 2020

Blogger and journalist Mattie Lacey-Davidson tests out Onda Coolwaves™ as part of a Daily Mail article with advice on how to shift excess weight from lockdown.

Mattie visited Lynton approved clinic Tempus Belgravia in London to try DEKA’s new revolutionary body sculpting device; the Onda. Onda, distributed in the UK by Lynton, offers amazing results using a technology called ‘Coolwaves™’ for fat loss, skin tightening and cellulite reduction.

For fat reduction Onda’s deep handpiece enables Coolwaves™ to penetrate deeply, dissolving subcutaneous adipose cell membranes. The lysate is subsequently eliminated by stimulation of physiological metabolic processes (macrophage lipolysis). The cooling system integrated into the handpieces ensures that the skin remains cool for maximum patient comfort, hence the name Coolwaves™.

Results were evident after just one treatment, with Mattie saying: “Prior to my appointment, I took photos of the target area, and when I returned for a second round four weeks later, I could see the difference”.

In very few sessions practitioners can confidently provide clients with the desired facial and body sculpting treatments in one platform without the problems associated with other technologies.

Smooth, Sculpt and Tighten the contours of the face and body with Onda. Join the Coolwaves™ revolution today.

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