Gaunt ex England midfielder has ClearLift™ Laser facial to correct years of alcohol abuse

By ABC Lasers / 07 Mar 2018

Paul Gascoigne, the 50 year old Ex-England midfielder who has battled with alcohol addiction and mental health issues that have kept him in and out of rehab and hospital, has undergone a laser facelift to help repair the skin damage caused by years of alcohol abuse.

Suffering with prominent eye bags, along with sunken temples, flattened cheeks, and loose skin around the jaw line, better known as jowls, Gascoigne visited the Aesthetically You clinic in Liverpool to have the ALMA ClearLift™ Laser facial.

The 30 minute treatment tightens and brightens skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves tone and texture and stimulates collagen production. Using a unique fractional depth controlled non ablative laser, it works by transforming laser light into acoustic sound waves that work deep down in the dermis to "shock" and stimulate the collagen to get moving! It's essentially like an earthquake going off in the dermis to wake up the collagen. It causes collagen regeneration with no injury to the skins surface, leaving no redness or tell tale signs.

Michelle McGuinness, Owner of Aesthetically You, the clinic that also treats stars like Alex Gerard, Amy Jackson and Lydia Bright said, "Paul Gascoigne has faced many issues, often in the public eye, but it’s great to see he’s doing really well at the moment. His struggles with alcohol addiction have had a negative impact on his skin and like a lot of our clients, he wanted a quick treatment with no downtime and a "less is more" outcome. The ClearLift™ Laser has addressed his main concerns; under eye bags, lack of facial volume, flattening of the cheeks and poor skin texture in just one 30 minute treatment. There was a visible lifting and improved quality of the skin. He looked rejuvenated and refreshed directly after the treatment and will have a further three sessions to complete the recommended course for optimum results."

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Photo courtesy of Aesthetically You, Liverpool