Harmony™ PRO Hits A New Era of Success

By ABC Lasers / 14 Aug 2017

Harmony™ PRO takes centre stage in the new season of E4"s Body Fixers, the show where people with extreme, shocking and downright hilarious hair and beauty disasters visit a one-stop shop to have their problems fixed by a team of professionals including ALMA Laser UK Brand Ambassador and celebrity favourite, Dr Tijion Esho.

From embarrassing body hair and tattoo regrets, to acne scarring and stretch marks, Harmony PRO can treat every indication with minimal downtime and pain and offers unmatched improvements in skin health and confidence.

Dr Esho said: “Social media and celebrities have contributed to the rise in popularity of non-surgical procedures. These treatments, although non-surgical, are still medical and carry big risks. I often see people in my clinic who have not done their research and have tried to use cheap shortcuts with devastating effects. For many of these patients I'm their last hope to correct botched procedures, treat the incurable or improve what they’ve been told can't be restored. The feeling I get from being able to give patients their confidence back is priceless and it’s the reason that I do it again and again.”

The Harmony® PRO System is the most versatile, expandable light and laser system on the market with more than 20 different treatment modules for numerous combination therapy protocols and 11 distinct technologies with over 65 FDA cleared indications. Harmony® XL offers tremendous value to practitioners by providing a customizable and upgradeable system that grows with your aesthetic practice. With no disposables and a low cost of ownership it generates a high return on investment. The platform also includes ClearLift™ Laser a favourite of celebrities from the cast of Geordie Shore to the lovely Victoria Secret's models Alessandro Ambrosio to Irina Shayk.

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