By Blow Media Ltd / 18 May 2021

Increase clinic enquiries by 240% with BlowBot

This week Blow Media announced they are Enquiry Bot’s exclusive UK partner for clinics, and are celebrating the launch of BlowBot - a bot that has been specifically designed to drive online enquiries for clinics.
The bot uses AI technology to answer queries and book appointments from visitors to your website. Combined with a complete enquiry management system, the team states that BlowBot has been proven to increase enquiries by an average of 240%.

Blow Media say “We’ve been working on BlowBot for over a year now and it’s been discreetly road tested on around 80 clinics. We wanted to prove the concept before launching to the masses so that we knew we were delivering something that will definitely make a huge difference, as opposed to marginal gains. BlowBot is exclusive to Blow Media and we see this as a product that will quickly become cemented in our arsenal. It’s brilliance is that it is bespoke to each clinic depending on their sales process and doesn’t need to be manned. It can take bookings, take payments, give information, gather data and up-sell. Beyond the client-facing experience, it also tracks ROI and projects future revenue - it does as little or as much as you want, so it frees you up to do what you do best”.

Visit to learn more about BlowBot and its benefits (probably wouldn’t Google BlowBot just yet!)