Laboratoires VIVACY launches practitioner survey to explore the impact of COVID-19 on aesthetics


Laboratoires VIVACY UK recently distributed a survey to practitioners to explore the impact of COVID-19 upon the aesthetic industry.

With the phrase "Zoom Boom" becoming a common phrase within the industry, with patients looking to make "tweakments" after months of self reflection in a tiny square box, VIVACY UK wanted to explore what impact this has truly had on the world of aesthetics.

Are patients seeking more natural treatments? Has the focus moved towards the eyes opposed to the lips? Has there been an increase in full-face rejuvenation? These questions can all be explored in the survey and help to unveil the changes in patient demands.

Want to have your say and shape the future of VIVACY?
Complete the survey through the below link or through visiting our Instagram page and clicking on the link in our bio.

By completing the survey you could win a free
VIVACY BEAUTY Skin Mist *T&Cs apply.