By Blow Media Ltd / 04 Sep 2020


Blow Media are hosting an online webinar series - Dark Arts & Wizardry - a series of relaxed discussions with industry partners about all the digital things that many of us just don’t understand, but need to!

Each session will finish with a Q&A session and some helpful giveaways to attendees. We think through collaboration and communication we can help you shine that little bit brighter.

Where does your business stand in the online “new normal”?

Let’s go right in at the deep end with Session 1 - SEO!


Introducing our good friends, the ‘Wizards’ at Search Vista - they’ll be delving deep into the why’s, wherefores and methods of putting your business exactly where it should be, and practical tips around what you can do yourself to give your website a cheeky nudge in the right direction.

In this session, we will consider:

Here in the UK we’re facing up to health threats and seismic changes in our social lives because of something that happened on the other side of the world. It feels like we’re under attack and our natural instinct is to withdraw and protect what we have. But in business, crises have a habit of favouring the brave and it can pay big dividends to go against the grain and explore new opportunities presented by change.

How do you know if that opportunity is there for you?

After all, some products and services surged in demand since Covid struck. Many others of course were savaged. The only way to explore opportunities for business growth with Adwords and SEO is by talking to a search professional and understanding the steps you can take to capitalise or rectify. We will discuss our methods, along with hints and tips. That’s why we are offering attendees a helping hand with a FREE, no obligation consultation to explore your opportunity potential. Whether there's relevant demand for your goods or services, how much it would cost to access that demand and how much ROI you could expect. We’ll even create a free Keyword Strategy document that’s yours to take away!

TO SIGN UP to the first DARK ARTS & WIZARDRY webinar please visit:

HTTPS://WWW.BLOWMEDIA.CO.UK/DARKARTS/ or email TRACEY@BLOWMEDIA.CO.UK and we’ll forward you the link and password.