Level 7 Course Creators Launch Fast Track For Experienced Aestheticians

By Harley Academy / 01 Aug 2017

Harley Academy, authors of the first level 7 qualification in Injectables, have announced a new educational route for professionals who are already practising injectable medicine.

The Academy, established 2015, are keen to allow current cosmetic practitioners to demonstrate that they can meet the same national standards as the new wave of level 7 learners. The new Level 7 Fast Track course is billed as a heavily discounted pathway to the same level 7 qualification, but for those who already have the hands-on experience that a level 7 course teaches.

There has been opposition to the new level 7 standard by some old hands in the aesthetics industry who did not see why they should ‘start again’ by taking a level 7 course. However, the Level 7 Fast Track allows clinical professionals with over three years of experience in aesthetics to top up their knowledge with unbiased, peer-reviewed research, take rigorous postgraduate level examinations, and achieve the same qualification as the new trainees in a fraction of the time.

"It’s all about ensuring that there is one national gold-standard” said Dr Tristan Mehta, founding director of Harley Academy. "Without unity, dangerous knowledge gaps will persist and be handed down. It is in the interests of patients, practitioners, and the entire field of aesthetics if everyone meets the new standards defined by Health Education England, and not just new practitioners.”

Applications to the Fast Track are restricted to fully registered doctors, dentists, nurses and pharmacists who have over three years of safe practice delivering both botulinum toxin and dermal filler injections.

About Harley Academy:

A technology-focussed medical training company, Harley Academy was established in 2015 to raise aesthetics training to a Higher Education level. Since launching the UK’s first vocational level 7 qualification in injectables in 2016 they have become the largest postgraduate training provider for aesthetic medicine in the UK with training centres across London, Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham, Birmingham, Hull, and Liverpool.

Read More: www.harleyacademy.com/training-courses/level-7-fast-track/