Lynton Lasers Introduces ONDA Coolwaves™ New Smart Handpiece for Treating the Submental Area

By Lynton Lasers / 10 Sep 2020

Recently crowned in Tatler’s Cosmetic Surgery Guide as the “Number 1 Treatment for A Dimple Free Derriere”, the ONDA Coolwaves™ adds the treatment of the submental area to its list of spectacular capabilities.

The submental area can be one of the most challenging areas of the head and neck to treat, as the patient’s problem is related to either excess fat or skin laxity. In some cases, it can be a combination of the two.

ONDA's new ergonomic handpiece has been designed specifically to optimise the effectiveness in treating the submental area. You can now effectively sculpt, tighten and redefine the contours of the face and body with this revolutionary body shaping device. 


In very few sessions, aesthetic practitioners can now confidently provide clients with all of the desired facial and body sculpting treatments in one platform. And without the side effects associated with alternative technologies.

Coolwaves™ technology utilises a controlled wavelength on the microwave spectrum of 2.45GHz to target unwanted deposits of subcutaneous fat and skin laxity.

ONDA's new smart handpiece allows practitioners to guide the electromagnetic field to the lipocytes to destroy fat cells in the submental region, whilst also stimulating cellular metabolic processes and collagen production to tighten the skin. This smooths, sculpts and tightens the face and neck tissue.

Coolwaves™ deliver more energy directly to the desired target of the lipocytes ensuring total patient comfort, resulting in a safer and more comfortable treatment.

With the built in, high-tech contact cooling system, practitioners can dramatically reduce the heating of surface tissue, since the skin in this area contains mostly water but no fat.

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