Lynton runs webinar for their customers in proactive response to Covid-19

By Lynton Lasers / 16 Mar 2020

In these unprecedented times, adversity often comes opportunity. Covid-19 is an event that will reshape the business and social landscape and those who are at the forefront of this will be the ones who lead the industry when the dust settles. This Tuesday the 17th of March at 3pm Lynton is running a webinar with Richard Crawford-Small from Aesthetic Entrepreneurs, to create a digital education programme to help you weather the storm.

Join the Lynton Lasers team where they will cover:

Lynton Lasers contingency plan and how we are going to deal with the current environment.

How to maximise the value of EVERY client

Your digital strategy and the power of video in the COVID-19 era

Lynton will also run an extensive "Ask me Anything session", where you can engage with the team through Facebook Live to ask questions.

Register today to maximise your business in the Covid-19 era: