Motus AY: A Jump in the Future of Vascular Treatment for ALL Skin Types

By Lynton Lasers / 23 Nov 2020

Lynton in partnership with DEKA introduces to the Motus AY the new Moveo PL handpiece, which extends the advantages of Moveo technology to the treatment of benign pigmented lesions. With the Motus AY this multi-platform system allows you to treat a myriad of indications, with an optimal wavelength for any patient including 'Moveo Pain-Free'.

Moveo is a unique laser technology based on 4 fundamental concepts: effectiveness, speed, safety and simplicity.

Traditionally Alexandrite 755nm is delivered in a shot shot-by-shot method. This universal method of laser delivery sees the Alexandrite lose a vast amount of energy during treatments, sometimes as high as 32%. This traditional procedure can also be a slow and sometimes, very uncomfortable. Moveo mode allows the laser to work at 100% efficiency while in contact with the area, therefore avoiding wasted anergy.

For the first time, practitioners can now treat every client, regardless of skin type, using a specialist Alexandrite 755nm ‘Moveo Pain-Free’ laser technology.

The new 7 mm handpiece when compared to the traditional “single spot” technique, for the treatment of pigmented lesions guarantees excellent efficacy without causing discolouration or hypopigmentation.

While treating clients using Moveo technology, plume protection mode is activated. This reduces risks associated with COVID-19 transmission, resulting in safer laser treatments.

For more information on the Motus AY please contact Lynton Head Office on 01477 536977 or email