New Lip Filler! Laboratoires VIVACY launch STYLAGE® Lips Plus


Laboratoires VIVACY celebrate the launch of their latest lip filler, STYLAGE® Lips Plus, targeted at patients who desire a voluminous yet still natural-looking result.

The French hyaluronic manufacturer have over 20 years of expertise in aesthetic medicine, they invite you to #GlamITUP with STYLAGE® Lips Plus. Using the same patented IPN-Like Technology as with the rest of the range, STYLAGE® Lips Plus is a Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid with added Mannitol and Lidocaine. With a concentration of HA of 20 mg/g, this new product has been developed to respond to the histological and vascular needs of the area.

The new filler completes the existing STYLAGE® lip range, which consists of STYLAGE® S which can be used to treat perioral lines, STYLAGE® Special Lips which produce a #FrenchKiss appearance, and finally STYLAGE® Lips Plus to produce fuller, hydrated and balanced lips.

Camille Nadal, director of VIVACY UK, commented on the launch of this new product in the UK: “we are thrilled to be launching the new STYLAGE® Lips Plus in the UK. Lips is one of the most performed cosmetic treatment and we had at heart to listen to the feedback our practitioners across the globe to see what they had to say about it. We wanted to expand the lip range and give them the necessary volumising tool they needed to perform glamourous yet natural results on their patients”.

STYLAGE® Lips Plus can be purchased direct through VIVACY's Product Specialists or through Wigmore Medical and Church Pharmacy. Laboratoires VIVACY pride themselves on safety and training, which is why they only distribute their products to qualified medical professionals.

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For more information on Lips Plus, join VIVACY on stand G20 on the 14th and 15th of October at the ExCeL in London. Laboratoires VIVACY will be hosting three live symposiums across two days, joined by medical specialists such as Dr Zunaid Alli, Dr Jasmin Taher, Mr. Hervé Raspaldo and Mr. Vivek Nama.