New study finds women worldwide unanimously face judgement over their appearance

By Sinclair / 22 Mar 2023

Global survey exposes women's attitudes towards judgement and power by Sinclair for its MaiLi brand

Key study findings:
- 97% believe women face judgement for how they look
- 61% of women have received abuse or negative comments in person, or online
- 88% believe women should be free from social judgement
- Despite social pressures, women globally remain resolute in their power

The majority of women (61%) have been victims of negative abuse and comments about their looks in person or online, while nearly all women (97%) said they'd faced judgement based on their appearance, finds a new global study conducted by Sinclair in order to garner insights for its MaiLi brand.

The study, released today (20th March 2023), surveyed over 10,000 female-identifying women aged 18+ from the UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, the UAE and Saudi Arabia to expose women's attitudes towards judgement, power, and dermal fillers.

The findings showed that all women believe in appearance autonomy and the right to live free from judgement, with 90% stating that women should be able to do whatever they want with their appearance.

Judgement surrounding women's looks is omnipresent with regional nuances. Almost all women believe in appearance autonomy and the right to live free from judgement; however, most have been victims of harmful abuse and comments about their appearance, including former supermodel Paulina Porizkova who made headlines recently. Photographed resplendent in black lingerie at nearly 58, aimed to represent older women as "still sexy and viable", Porizkova was hit by online abuse and judgement. Ringing true to the survey findings and the importance of Sinclair’s new "My Power" campaign #SayNoToJudgement, Porizkova replies to the backlash online, saying, "I am not trying to represent all women of my age. How could I? How could anyone? Don't we all look different and isn't that where our beauty lies? In our uniqueness?"

Despite substantial social pressures, women globally are resolute in their power. Women believe they are powerful, regardless of having faced negative judgement.

Abuse and appearance-based commentary were lowest for women in the UK (48%) compared with other regions and highest in Mexico (68%). Yet despite widespread looks-based judgement and social pressures, 75% of women surveyed believe they are powerful. Interestingly, the sense of power was highest amongst women who reported facing negative judgement. Also intriguingly, women in Mexico (91%), and the Middle East (82%) were the most likely to consider themselves powerful, and women in the UK (51%) were the least.

The survey was conducted by global aesthetic company Sinclair, to garner insights for its MaiLi premium hyaluronic acid fillers brand, alongside the launch of its "My Power" campaign which says ‘no to judgement’, in support of women everywhere. MaiLi believes in the rights of women to live a life authentically and without judgement. This campaign represents a rallying cry for women to own their power, and for haters to keep their judgement to themselves.

Lee Anne Evans, Global Head of Brands Injectables & Threads, Sinclair, said: “The insights found in the study show how women’s beliefs and attitudes globally are formed and perceived.”

Over 10,000 female identifying women aged 18+ from the UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, living in urban and suburban areas were surveyed. To read the full study: