Non Thermal Laser - Using Your Own Fat To Get Your Health Back

By Erchonia Lasers Ltd / 21 Jul 2022

Why do we always think of fat being the enemy? What if we could find a way of using our own fat to get our health and wellness back, as well as create a more sculpted body for our patients? What if this was via an advanced type of laser?

As we age, the viable number of mtDNA is greatly diminished as is our ability to produce stem cells. Can we empower the body to create mtDNA and assist in mtRNA synthesis, and release usable energy into the body?

The Emerald Non-Thermal Laser is of great benefit in maintaining good health as well as providing a clinically proven, effective alternative to body sculpting and 360 degree fat loss from a company with 20 US FDA market clearances. This presentation looks at how and why this modality is also essential in health and wellness.

Let us look at a methodology which keeps the endocrine function of fat cells intact, and shrinks them, with no reported side effects or adverse reactions.

Join us for a Facebook Live via the Erchonia Laser Limited on Thursday 21st July 06.30pm (BST).