Novoxel Tixel from AZTEC Services 'Highly Commended' in 2017 Aesthetics Awards

By AZTEC Services / 12 Dec 2017

Novoxel Tixel system from AZTEC Services “Highly Commended” in 2017 Aesthetics Awards
AZTEC Services are delighted to announce that the Novoxel Tixel system has been “Highly Commended” in the 2017 Awards, in the category of “product innovation of the year”
AZTEC Services launched the Tixel system at a workshop with Dr Judodihardjo in London on Saturday 4th February 2017 in the Olympia Hilton hotel. The launch was great success and since then things have gone from strength to strength. Click on this link to see an article on the launch workshop

Tixel is a novel device based on a thermo-mechanical ablation technology that combines sophisticated motion and temperature control. The fractional technology is used to transfer very precise thermal energy to the skin thereby creating an array of micro-channels, with minimal pain or inconvenience.

The Tixel system can deliver fractional CO2 laser like results but with many advantages. It is not a laser so no laser precautions are necessary. It produces less charring than CO2 laser, meaning the recovery time is less, and very importantly, it is significantly less painful, meaning most patients can tolerate the treatment without the use of any anaesthesia
Dr Harryono Judodihardjo has been using the Tixel system in his clinic for around 12-months and is very impressed with the results, so much so that he is putting his Lutronic INFINI micro-needle RF system, and his fractional CO2 laser up for sale as he is using Tixel instead.
Tixel is now really starting to gain popularity amongst UK doctors with several clinics having recently purchased the system for their clinics, including Tapan Patel at PHI Clinic, Rupert Gabriel at Snowberry Lane Clinic, Natalie Blakeley at Light Touch Clinic, John Tanqueray at Mulberry House Clinic, and Paul Charlson at Skinqure Clinics.

Dr John Tanqueray of Mulberry House Clinic in Northampton says "Having seen how well patients have tolerated Tixel treatment and how satisfied they are with the results, we decided it was a must for our clinic"

Dr Rupert Gabriel of Snowberry Lane clinic in Melksham says " As an Aesthetic practitioner with over 15 years experience, introducing Tixel to my practice is really exciting, it makes minimal discomfort, quick recovery fractional skin resurfacing treatment acceptable and practical for all my patients, who tell me that their skin feels more alive after Tixel treatment, this perfectly complements their existing toxin, filler and other treatments."

Dr Sajjad Rajpar FRCP of Belgravia Dermatology in London says "Tixel produces outstanding results and has become indispensable in my Dermatology clinic. It allows me to offer fractional resurfacing for ageing and acne scarring safely to all skin types. In addition, the open-channel mode for transdermal delivery of topical agents has many exciting applications for a Dermatologist and has revolutionised my management of conditions such as melasma."

Anthony Zacharek, general manager of AZTEC services said “we are extremely pleased with how positively the Tixel has been received. It’s great to be able to offer a system that is truly unique and innovative, and delivers such dramatic results”

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