PLEXR Upgrade Offer

By Naturastudios / 11 Jul 2018

Upgrade your old PLEXR® to the new PLEXR® Plus!
It’s out with the old and in with the new. PLEXR® has been revolutionised with the practitioner and client in mind, and we want YOU to be the first to receive the exclusive upgrade offer!
PLEXR® Plus vs the PLEXR®

Charging Base
• The PLEXR® Plus is digital in comparison to all the other analogue models. A microprocessor is installed inside which delivers the exact output that is desired for safe and effective results.
• The charging base has a touch screen display of 10.1 inches, which enables the practitioner to select videos and treatment options via the graphic interface, designed to be functional and user-friendly.
• The extractable lithium polymers battery pack of 16Ah guarantees 10 hours of independent use once recharged.
• Video tutorials have been integrated into the system, which allows doctors to see how the protocol is applied and patients can see and acquire more confidence of the methodology and of its result.
• The software of the device and handpiece can be updated directly by the doctor through a USB pen provided from GMV, which are supplied to constantly develop new protocols and functions to the device.
• The PLEXR® Plus includes a leather bag and is all set in a trolley with the GMV marks engraved. The trolley and leather bad can be used separately in other modalities allowing a safe and easy transport of the device.

• The PLEXR® Plus handpieces have an ion lithium battery of high capacity that guarantees a long-lasting signal that provides up to 3 hours of continuous plasma generation, with unchanged output performance even if not fully charged. This differentiates it substantially from the analogic devices.
• The handpieces incorporate a wireless module which allows continuous interface with the charging base. This means each handpiece can be used in various locations, whilst still recording battery level.
• It has also been developed with a mini portable charging base which can recharge the handpiece by simply hooking it up to the cigarette lighter of a car or normal electric outlet. This means you can carry out PLEXR treatments easily and in various clinics, without taking the whole machine with you.

Upgrade Offer
We are offering all PLEXR® customers £3000 off the new PLEXR® Plus in exchange for their old device. Simply contact us today to find out how you can learn more about the new and advanced system:

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