Press Release: New Software Edition at

By / 25 Jun 2019

The first feature that we have implemented is the Marketing Automation. Activating automation, you in fact power up the business and turn on the engine that moves triggers and actions from step by step until they reach the goal and the end of the sequence. An active automation runs 24/7 until you stop it or delete it.
Furthermore, another feature that we have added is the Leads. A lead is a person who has indicated interest in your business's services in some way, shape, or form. You can create unlimited forms to attract more leads from your website, social media and blogs.
Finally, the last feature that we have added is the Tasks. This feature keeps track of your team and daily tasks, organizes multiple tasks, and tracks important deadlines. The task feature allows clinic owners to create and update tasks, assign, connect with clients and send email and text reminders with notes. Tasks synchronize across all your company, so your team and tasks are in sync between your team.
Now, you might be sitting there and wondering how these features can help your company. To give you a better understanding of our newest features, I will provide a few examples of how you can use these features together to maximise the number of new clients that you are bringing to your business.

At, our developers can connect the leads feature with your website’s contact form. So for example, if anyone shows interest in your business and they fill in the contact form, their details will automatically be transferred to the Leads part of the software and a new task will be created so that the members of staff can contact that lead. To make this feature even better, not only that a lead will be assigned to a member of staff, but with the use of Marketing Automation the software can automatically send the lead a welcome email and some information about the services that your business offers. The final precaution that the software takes in order to make sure that leads are turned into customers is to send special offers and discounts to leads via email or SMS.
Now the question is: Do you want to attract new clients 24/7/365 or only when the business is open?