Radiotherapy Spots are Tattoos...

By Lynton Lasers / 12 Mar 2020

Amy Jayne Aesthetics a specialised laser clinic based in Rainham; Kent is raising awareness to radiotherapy spots, to help cancer survivors regain their confidence.

It was brought to the attention of Amy, the founder of Amy Jayne Aesthetics that many breast cancer survivors were not aware that their radiation markers were in fact tattoos and that they could be professionally and effectively removed.

When undergoing radiation therapy, cancer survivors can be left with 1-5 pinpoint marks on the skin, marking the area for treatment. Once the treatment is completed, the tattoos remain.

Radiation tattoos for some are a positive thing. Symbols of their victory and strength. For other’s, these small marks are a daily reminder of a painful past. Both perspectives are understandable and to be respected.

Amy aims to educate her local community: “So many people are unaware that laser tattoo removal is even an option to treat radiotherapy spots, there’s not enough knowledge and exposure about it and I am hoping to change that”.

Amy stated “Having been a guest speaker across two hospitals has enabled me to bring my life-changing services to cancer survivors in the local community and offer a free radiation tattoo removal programme. I love helping people and this is a way I can give something back, to raise the individual’s confidence”.

Together we can put a treatment plan in place. Though the programme is free, a detailed consultation is required alongside clearance from your Doctor to ensure you are a suitable candidate for tattoo removal.

Amy Jayne Aesthetics specialises in tattoo removal using the Lynton Lumina a medical-grade and award-winning system, used by the NHS and private hospitals across the UK. Its active Q-Switched laser is considered the gold standard in tattoo removal and delivers exceptional clinical results.

Client Testimonial:

“I am due to get married in August 2020, I have the most beautiful dress and the most beautiful underwear however the bra in the middle dips slightly exposing a spot which I got from radiotherapy. My husband to be isn’t fussed at all, he doesn’t even notice it, but for me, it’s something that bothers me when I see it and I would like to wear my wedding underwear with confidence and not be reminded of the ordeal I went through. I didn’t realise that removing the spots were an option, I have had 1 session already and I can already see such a difference. I am so excited.” - Anonymous breast cancer survivor – 5 years cancer-free

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