Sinclair collaborates with Harley Academy to offer evidenced-based training with leading anatomist,

By Sinclair / 15 Aug 2023

Sinclair joins Harley Academy to offer advanced medical professionals a cutting-edge educational experience.

The programme "An evidence-based approach to treating the full face with soft tissue fillers in 2023" will combine essential anatomical knowledge with key practical skills using Sinclair’s portfolio of products. The course is led by globally-renowned anatomist, Professor Sebastian Cotofana, who has joined Harley Academy as Academic Director.

“Our main goal is to improve patient safety, which we do by raising educational standards for the most widely-requested cosmetic procedures: botulinum toxin, dermal fillers and cosmetic dermatology treatments”, explains Dr Tristan Mehta, founder of Harley Academy.

Held at Harley Academy’s new training campus in the City of London, the course will prepare attendees to safely treat using Sinclair products with confidence.

“By equipping practitioners with high quality training, using high-end products, we can reduce the risk of harm associated with ineffectively performed cosmetic procedures, which can be permanent and debilitating for patients”, says Lauren Clarke, Sinclair’s Head of Marketing and Training UKI. “Raising standards in our industry will support both patients and healthcare professionals. We support a mandatory minimum standard of aesthetics education, and promote public safety combined with safe and ethical practice, leading to aesthetic excellence.”

“At Harley Academy we have strict entry criteria onto all of our medical aesthetics training courses”, continues Dr Mehta. “This is one reason we are so pleased to work with companies like Sinclair, who similarly only provide medical professionals with their products. We will be running a comprehensive training workshop with Sinclair, led by our Academic Director Professor Sebastian Cotofana, who is responsible for our trainees receiving rigorous, evidence-based medical aesthetics training. Held at our brand new medical aesthetics training campus, we will utilise modern technologies to further enhance our teaching.”

“Professor Cotofana’s commitment to research and elevating clinical standards will help equip the next generation of practitioners with these vital skills.”

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