Sinclair Pharma launches new podcast series ‘Authentic Aesthetic’ supporting patient engagement

By Sinclair Pharma / 09 Nov 2020

Sinclair Pharma has launched a consumer-focused podcast series, Authentic Aesthetic, which invites leading aesthetic practitioners to share their expertise and educate listeners about minimally invasive aesthetic treatments and the importance of seeking out qualified practitioners.

As interest in aesthetic treatments grow, the podcast series has a mission to combat common misunderstandings and uncertainties by asking questions which are most commonly searched on the internet, directly to physicians. Furthermore, the podcasts will advise listeners about what to expect during a consultation and inform them about a wide variety of treatments, including non-surgical rhinoplasties and collagen stimulation. Every episode is designed to be accessible and informal, so that listeners can learn about some of the newest tweakments directly from the practitioners in conversation.

Sinclair Pharma is committed to supporting aesthetic experts by finding new touchpoints for patients to connect with their clinicians in a meaningful and useful way. Authentic Aesthetic will promote trusted practitioners as it directs listeners to Sinclair Pharma’s clinic finder, so connecting patients with safe, highly trained and effective treatment providers.

Each bi-monthly episode will focus on a unique topic and feature a different speaker:

• My First Times in Aesthetics with Dr Kuldeep Minocha
• How Safe are Aesthetic Treatments? with Ffyona McKeating and Dr James from The Consultant Clinic
• Lifting or Not Lifting with Dr Leah Totton
• Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty? with Dr Charles East and Dr Lydia Badia
• Are We Doomed to Get Duckface? with Dr MJ Rowland Warmann
• How Minimal Are Minimally Invasive Treatments? with Dr Ali Ghanem
• All Things Collagen with Dr Sabrina Shah Desai
• Is Filler Always the Best Solution with Dr Nina Bal

Jo Neal, Sinclair Pharma Brand Manager, says: “We are committed to supporting our partner physicians, helping connect our professional community with existing and potential patients. We have developed a number of new ways to encourage a dialogue with potential patients and are also launching an accompanying consumer facing website, Aesthetic Insider, in collaboration with our leading practitioners, and can’t wait to share more news about this venture early in 2021.”

The Authentic Aesthetic podcast series will be available from Monday 23rd November via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon, Google Podcasts and the Sinclair Pharma Ellansé (www.ellansé.com), Silhouette Soft ( and Perfectha ( brand websites.

In addition, Sinclair Pharma remains committed to providing all the resources it can to support its clinicians, including electronic marketing materials and social media packs available via the Sinclair Portal.

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