Supercharge Your Skin for Spring!

By Institute Hyalual / 22 Jan 2018

The worst of winter is over and the change in season draws our attention to the change in our skincare treatments.

The cold and dark weather causes our skin to build up with dead cells, oils and dirt. These changes leave complexions dull with tendencies to break out.

The Spring Skin Reboot is a 2 step treatment :

Step 1.
Exfoliation, and rehabilitation using a light AHA peel to gently remove the dead and dull layers of the skin to release and kill any acne and refresh the face.

Step 2.
Supercharge the skin with Xela Rederm to stimulate collagen and elastin whilst deeply hydrating and toning the skin. The micro injections leave tiny deposits of Succinic Acid superficially in the skin.

Succinic Acid is responsible for cell health and stimulates the production of essential proteins for skin health such as collagen & elastin.