The Sinclair Approach to Pre-Juvenation

By Sinclair Pharma / 16 Apr 2020

Requests for aesthetic treatments from patients in their 20’s and 30’s is on the rise; increased education from social media on the importance of prevention and how prevention is better than cure offers clinicians a rich vein of opportunity to widen their patient base and grow business.

With pre-juvenation increasingly in demand, Sinclair’s latest instalment from the live, interactive webinar series focuses on delaying the signs of aging. Sinclair Pharma is committed to supporting all of its partner physicians during this unprecedented time by helping them develop and enhance their skills through the Sinclair College. As well as offering clinicians the opportunity to complete online modules on the Sinclair College platform, the company is running live, interactive webinar training sessions featuring both national and international trainers, focussing on practical and tangible solutions for clinics to build their business and offer superlative results to patients.

On Wednesday 29th April at 4pm, Sinclair experts, Dr Tahera Bhojani, Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Gabriel Aribi will present a live, in depth webinar on the subject of The Sinclair Approach to Pre-Juvenation.

The session will provide an in-depth discussion about pre-juvenation and the methods to achieve results using the Sinclair portfolio of products. Supported with case studies and videos, the session will investigate the following topics:

• What are patients looking for to delay the signs of aging?
• How to use Perfectha to correct fine lines and tear troughs.
• The ‘Recontour’ and ‘Redefine’ protocols using Silhouette Soft
• How to use Ellanse to provide jawline structure and skin quality improvement.

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In addition to the live webinar, the presentations will be available ‘On Demand ‘on the Sinclair College platform where clinicians can sign up for access to these webinars PLUS over a hundred training resources focussed around five key topics:

• Anatomy
• Sinclair's portfolio
• Combination treatments
• Sciences behind
• Practice management

The company is committed to providing all the resources they can to support their members during this time, including electronic marketing materials and social media packs available via the Sinclair Portal