Venus Concept announce new KOL – Dr Justine Hextall

By Venus Concept UK / 20 Mar 2020

Venus Concept is delighted to announce new Key Opinion Leader Dr Justine Hextall of Tarrant Street Clinic who has recently introduced Venus VIVA to her practice in West Sussex.
Venus VIVA is the most customisable skin resurfacing device and is the first and only fractional radio frequency system that allows operator control of ablation and coagulation for enhanced efficacy in resolving mild to severe skin damage.

Dr Justine Hextall is a Dermatological Surgeon, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and trained for five years at the world-renowned St Johns Institute of Dermatology. Justine specialises in the management of skin cancer, dermatological surgery and connective tissue dermatology. Justine has chaired the Sussex Skin Cancer NSSG

Dr Justine Hextall ‘’ I was so impressed with the improvement in skin texture with Venus VIVA and as a Dermatologist it is one of my key areas of interest. I have always enjoyed working with Paul and was so impressed with the professionalism of Siobhan and all the training team and am looking forward to working with the entire Venus Concept team’’

Paul Talbot, UK Sales Director ‘’We are delighted to be working with Dr Hextall and am delighted to announce that Dr Hextall will be presenting on Venus VIVA at CCR in October and in addition will be presenting at an exclusive event on Monday 14th September in London. We are looking forward to supporting her practice and collaborating with throughout 2020 and beyond.

For more information visit or call 0208 748 2221