Venus Concept introduces the Venus Velocity™

By Venus Concept UK / 03 Jul 2018

Venus Concept is excited to announce the launch of our brand-new hair removal system, the Venus Velocity™. With the proved efficacy of diode laser technology, and a real-time cooling system, Venus Velocity™ provides the optimal balance between high energy absorption of melanin chromophores and deep penetration into the skin, making it safe and effective for all skin types, including tanned skin.
Venus Velocity™ features an ergonomic applicator with three changeable spot sizes; large at 7 cm2, medium at 3.5 cm2, and small at 1.7 cm2. The spot sizes are quick and easy to change, and the applicator is designed for long hours of use with minimal risk of repetitive strain injury or operator fatigue.
The device offers ultra-fast treatments, with a repetition rate that can go as high as 10Hz, and has two modes of operation; slide and pulse mode. Pulse mode delivers higher energy to tissue at a lower repetition rate, which results in higher clinical efficacy and fewer treatment sessions. In Pulse mode, the higher power enables high energy at shorter pulse duration.
Slide mode, wherein the applicator is smoothly and continuously moved over the treatment area, delivers high repetition rate of short pulses, which achieves high average power with full coverage and greater patient comfort. In Slide mode, lower power and intensive cooling with heat accumulation enable efficient treatments. The unique ability to use either mode provides unparalleled versatility and enhances operator control.

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