Venus Concept launches a tabletop Intelligent Diode Laser Venus Epileve™?

By Venus Concept UK / 30 Nov 2020

Venus Concept, a global medical aesthetic technology leader, announce that it has received a medical device license issued by Health Canada and CE Mark to market Venus Epileve. It is intended as a treatment of permanent hair reduction.

Venus Epileve represents a new product introduction that expands the Company’s diode laser hair removal offering beyond the Venus Velocity which was introduced to the medical aesthetics market in 2017. The Venus Epileve is cost-effective, fast, comfortable, and can be used on all skin types (Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI), including tanned skin. The Venus Epileve is a portable and versatile tabletop device that offers two modes of operation (SLIDE and PULSE) and a real-time cooling system aimed at ensuring patient safety and comfort. The Venus Epileve is integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) technology that collects technical information to help providers enhance business operations and improve treatment efficiency.