Venus Concept launches Practice Enhancement programme

By Venus Concept UK / 31 Aug 2018

Venus Concept UK has recently launched its Practice Enhancement Programme in the UK and Ireland. The Practice Enhancement Manager (PEM) is designed to provide ongoing support to our Venus Concept customers and is provided at no extra cost.
The PEM team does more than just help with Venus Concept devices. This is a partnership – the team works with you on all aspects of your business to ensure that you have the tools and resources needed to grow and be successful.
Our PEM team helps with different aspects of your business including:
• Marketing support – training in the best practices for social media marketing, help with planning open house events and hoe to retain existing clients.
• Strategic planning – short and long-term business planning
• Clinical and technical support – facilitating clinical training as needed, device testing and troubleshooting
• Clinic efficiency strategies – ongoing training and development of staff to optimise performance and engagement
The PEM team will support you from the moment you purchase your device from Venus Concept, and will help you to make your business a success.

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