VIVACY at CCR: three live Symposiums & Talks across two days


At the occasion of one of the biggest national appointments in the industry of aesthetics, VIVACY has the pleasure to welcome four experts to talk about their existing products in STYLAGE® and DESIRIAL®, as well as their latest addition: the STYLAGE® Lips Plus.

Camille Nadal, Country Director of VIVACY UK, stated: “we are thrilled to be joined by such high-standards experts to talk about their clinical experience using STYLAGE® and DESIRIAL®. Mr Vivek Nama, consultant gynaecologist, will speak about vaginal rejuvenation using DESIRIAL®, a one-of-a-kind on the intimate market; Mr Herve Raspaldo, Facial Plastic Surgeon in Geneva, will do a symposium followed by a live demo on male rejuvenation. And last but not least, we invite everyone to attend our Lips Plus symposium and live demo, the first one to be held in the UK.”

STYLAGE® Lips Plus was launched worldwide at AMWC earlier this September. With this new product, VIVACY demonstrates again its scientific and rheologic know-how, by creating a product that is soft and easy to inject to respect the sensitivity of the tissues but yet offering good volumisation. The result: gorgeous, full, natural lips.

Dr Jasmin Taher, Dentist & Aesthetic Doctor in London, states: “I absolutely love STYLAGE® Lips Plus. Its becoming my favourite lip filler out of the range. The product is volumising, but still has a soft feel which is perfectly suited to the dynamic nature of the lips. The filler is great for younger lips that want plumper results that don't look fake. This is what my patient base usually want so I know I'll be using Lips Plus more than any others in the range! Practitioners can often be worried when they hear of a volumising lip product and may be concerned of fake or stiff looking results. This is not the case with Lips Plus. Every patient I've treated with the product has had a soft and natural looking result that simply looked plumper and fuller. It's the perfect product for a natural but noticeable outcome.”

Join the Vivacy team on stand G20 at CCR and for the following events below:

Thursday 14th:

- 10.45-11.05: Vaginal rejuvenation using STYLAGE® (Non-surgical Arena) with Mr Vivek Nama
- 14.35-14.55: Male rejuvenation using STYLAGE® (Symposium & Live Demo Stage) with Mr Herve Raspaldo

Friday 15th:

- 11.00-12.00: The new glam by VIVACY: Expert Tips & tricks for Perfect Lips (Symposium & Live Demo Stage) with Dr Jasmin Taher, Dr Zunaid Alli and Mr Herve Raspaldo