VIVACY DESIRIAL Masterclass Training Day


Vivacy continues their passionate journey in aid of women's intimate health, with the hopes of normalizing this subject matter. Women are having to suffer in silence about their intimate health as it is still considered a taboo to discuss openly.

The DESIRIAL product ranges are hyaluronic acid based to help with the hydration and strengthening of the vagina.

Vivacy organized an educational masterclass on the 4th of December where they invited Guest Doctor, Dr Shirin Lakhani, to give a talk on the anatomy and physiology of a females' intimate health to 6 practitioners.

After the talk, the practitioners conducted the procedure using the Vivacy DESIRIAL products on models while being trained by, and learning from Dr. Shirin. As she did a wonderful job demonstrating the DESIRIAL vaginal rejuvenation techniques.

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