VIVACY launches its first webinar


As the world is drawn in uncertainty right now, safety and information are more than ever a priority for our medical practitioners. That is why VIVACY wants to continue to show its appreciation to all STYLAGE users by continuing to support them throughout this period of isolation and self-questioning.
We see in this situation the opportunity to perfect our skills to maintain an excellent practice in the future.

As a result, VIVACY is showcasing its first webinar tomorrow from 9 to 10 am (UK Time). Dr Raspaldo, a plastic surgeon established in Geneva, will give in live some « Anatomical guidelines to safely inject the nose and the mid-face ». This talk will be followed by a live chat session with Dr Raspaldo.

In order to join the webinar, you will need to log in at 9am to your Vivacy-learn account at and click on the top button « Join the webinar ».

VIVACY will keep feeding its social media and learning platform on a weekly basis for aesthetic practitioners to be able to share all the questions they might have about particular injection techniques and the unique rheology of VIVACY products.

The March offer on STYLAGE and DESIRIAL available at Church Pharmacy and Wigmore Medical will also be extended onto the two first weeks of April.