VIVACY launches training programme S.A.F.E in the UK


On the past 20th of January, under the expert supervision of Dr. Vania Hiratsuka-Dalmedo and VIVACY KOL Dr. Zunaid Alli, 10 of the most talented medical injectors in the UK met at the VIVACY head office to attend a training they had never experienced before: the new S.A.F.E training.

Launched internationally, the S.A.F.E (STYLAGE® & ANATOMY FACIAL EXPERIENCE) approach has been designed in collaboration with the founders of the F.A.S.T Method (FACIAL AESTHETICS SIMULATOR TRAINING), Dr. Sergio Escobar, dermatologist from Argentina, and Mr. Benjamin Ascher, Plastic Surgeon from France and founder of IMCAS.

An interactive combination of theory and hands-on practice

The VIVACY medical and scientific team, represented by Scientific Director Mr. Denis Couchourel, has worked hand in hand with the F.A.S.T Method team to deliver an exclusive masterclass on the interconnection between the rheology of STYLAGE® and the results expected by practitioners. “The needs and expected results by practitioners are the starting point of our thinking process to define the mechanical and chemical characteristics of our products, so understanding the medical context is the first step in supporting our practitioners’ safety and confidence when they are injecting STYLAGE® in their patients. They can make an informed decision about which STYLAGE® product is best suited to the patient's needs in each specific case”, commented Denis Couchourel.

F.A.S.T Method

The second component of the training is hands-on practice. Small groups rotate to each analyse a different area of the face, supervised by the experts. Practitioners are first invited to perform a drawing evaluation, highlighting the danger zones and the vessels. Secondly, an oral assessment of the anatomy is carried out, to come up with an optimal treatment plan. Then, a hands-on injection practice with STYLAGE® products is performed, with a specific focus on volumetric and superficial injections. After the injection, the practitioners are invited to reflect on the injection and feedback. This F.A.S.T Method provides the best of a one-to-one session, yet with the ability to reflect and share the experience with peers. In addition, verbal feedback is instantly given by the trainers for an optimised learning experience and to provide the desired impact. The repetition of the exercise for different areas of the face means that all practitioners of different abilities get plenty of opportunities for practice with different STYLAGE® products: no matter their level, trainees can improve their injection skills as well as their confidence.

The iFace simulator

The distinctive feature of this training is the use of the iFace simulator: an identical replica of the human face in the different skin layers, vessels and arteries, muscles, fat pads and bones. The benefits of this innovative equipment are varied. To begin with, the danger zones can be observed clearly and from the inside by pulling back each layer of the skin, which provides an optimal visual representation for visual learners.
Secondly, the skilful assemblage of high-tech platinum-based - silicone and silicone gel gives a sensation close to that of injection on real patients.
After the injection, it is possible to check where the products have been placed inside the tissues and get a new insight on the mechanical behaviour of STYLAGE® in the skin, backed by the theoretical session on STYLAGE® rheology.

The future of S.A.F.E

The launch of the training in the UK was met with an overly positive success: trainers have praised a new approach to teaching and learning in aesthetics. Dr. Mei Yeoh, from Perfect32 in Yorkshire, commented, “S.A.F.E training is valuable to all injectors wanting to learn more about different injection techniques. It is unique in the way it allows you to visualise and feel where to place the needle/ cannula when discussing with your peers new techniques - this is something that is not currently available anywhere else.” Dr. Bejma from Dr. Bejma Medical Clinic, currently finalist of the Aesthetics Awards for Best Clinic of the North said, “I absolutely enjoyed SAFE training by VIVACY. I am an injector for nearly 8 years, and this was an absolutely innovative and unique training method in the current medical field. During the training, I was able to discuss with colleagues their injections techniques, assess the safety of our treatment approach, and refresh anatomical knowledge. During the training, we use an innovative iFACE simulator head that was very close to old fashion cadaver classes. I strongly recommend this SAFE training to all injectors, beginners as well as an advanced one.”

More dates for S.A.F.E trainings are to be confirmed for March, June, and September. If you are interested in attending one of our events in the UK, please contact us at or 02039289302.