VIVACY releases its April webinars agenda.


With over a 1000 connections on the 31st of March, Vivacy is immensely proud of the success of their first webinar coordinated by Mr Couchourel, biologic director at VIVACY and Dr Raspaldo, a plastic surgeon in Geneva. During this webinar, Dr Raspaldo drew attention to the essential correlation between anatomical knowledge and safety while injecting. In this respect, he responded to the popular demand and focused on the nose and the mid-face area in his presentation. Couchourel then explained how STYLAGE products are carefully designed in Archamps to respond to the anatomical needs of the nose and mid-face, highlighted earlier by Dr Raspaldo. The presentations were followed by a serie of questions from the audience, mainly with regards to how to treat complications. « We have time now to learn from each other », said Dr Raspaldo, who encouraged for some questions to be further developped in future webinars.

To respond to practitioners' demand and make the most constructive use of this period of isolation, VIVACY is now releasing its agenda of webinars for April. VIVACY is extremely proud to collaborate with many renowned doctors and surgeons from around the world who share the same value with VIVACY : learning never stops.
- Vivacy has offered an unrestricted educational grant to IMCAS Academy and will support their exceptional international webinar on COVID-19 the 8th of April at 4pm (UK time) on IMCAS Academy, coordinated by Dr Benjamin Asher, founder of IMCAS, and Dr Matthew Avram, from the USA.
- « Peri Buccal Area & Oval facial viscoscuplting with STYLAGE: How to avoid complications? » the 14th of April at 4pm (UK time) on IMCAS Academy with Dr Benjamin Asher.
- « Focus on Jawline, Chin and contouring » the 17th of April at 2pm on Vivacy e-learn with Dr Hervé Raspaldo.
- « Back to basics: anatomy and areas of risk » the 21st of April at 5pm on Vivacy e-learn with Pr Ali Mojallal from France.
- « How to treat your patient’s skin with STYLAGE Mesotherapy ? » the 24th of April at 2pm on Vivacy e-learn with Dr Zunaid Alli from the UK.
- « An Exclusive 3D Approach: The Art of Intimate HA Injections With DESIRIAL » the 28th of April at 2pm on Vivacy e-learn with Dr Malgorzata Uchman-Musielek from Poland, Dr Nicolas Berreni from France, Dr Stephane Smarrito from Switzerland and Denis Couchourel from VIVACY.

Further information on each webinar will be made available on VIVACY’s social media in the course of April.