VIVACY supports exceptional webinar on IMCAS Academy


The current situation is leaving us with many questions unanswered: not only COVID-19 is affecting most importantly our health but it will also have unprecedented consequences on our economic situation and therefore on our business development.

Vivacy Laboratoires, the long-life partner of IMCAS, invites you to join their exceptional webinar on the 8th of April from 4 pm to 6 pm (UK time) on the IMCAS Academy platform. This webinar will be coordinated by Dr. Benjamin Ascher, founder of IMCAS, and Dr. Matthew Avram from the USA in order to support all health practitioners from the world responding to this crisis in the most effective and consistent way.

An assessment of the public health situation will be held for each continent before moving on to the necessary adjustments the current situation is requiring from entrepreneurs in the health sector to ensure the safety of their staff and patients, from a commercial, financial and legal point of view. Finally, some guidance will be given on how health practitioners can emerge from this crisis and foresee the future.

Speakers will include a wide range of renowned international professionals, such as Dr. Sergio Escobar from Argentina, Dr. Po Han Huang from Taiwan, Dr. Foad Nahai from the USA and Dr. Patrick Treacy from the UK.

Vivacy Laboratoires sees in this webinar a fantastic opportunity for health practitioners to connect on an international level and support each other in this fight against the COVID-19.
Half of the proceeds from this webinar will be donated to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 response funds.
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