VIVACY Training Days and Events


VIVACY practices safety in their products, innovations and overall identity. They choose to work with doctors who follow the same qualities. Their products are ever so researched, all of which are based around hyaluronic acid to achieve optimum results, therefore making the patient feel as confident as possible. VIVACY believes in individuals achieving their best look no matter their age, hence the hashtag #STYLEYOURAGE pushed throughout their social media accounts.

Complimenting their safety principles is their fully accessible E-Learning platform where anyone can sign up for and learn the best techniques from VIVACY related practitioners. This is also implemented through their regular training days.

VIVACY Training Days are based around teaching practitioners the correct injection plans and to demonstrate the rheology of STYLAGE® and DESIRIAL® products and their corresponding injection plan. The most recent training days comprised of a Mesotherapy training and 2 Mid to lower face trainings.

The Mesotherapy Training day comprised of Dr Zunaid accompanying VIVACY’s National Sales Manager, Terina Denny, to explain the rheology of the STYLAGE® Hydration range which consists of Hydro and Hydromax. Hydro is the non-cross linked hyaluronic acid + mannitol based product. And Hydromax is IPN-Like® cross-linked hyaluronic acid + sorbitol based product. The two are great for a re-hydrating effect and for the reintroduction of moisture of the skin.

The two Mid to Lower Face trainings were also organized by Terina Denny, where she was accompanied by Dr Mit Patel for the first one, and Dr Linea Strachan for the second. Dr Mit Patel’s training was CPD approved.

Mid to Lower face training involves the use of their volumizer range (STYLAGE® XL and XXL) for a facial volume augmentation and restoration effect. This tightens the skin and restores balance and harmony to ‘saggy’ skin.

If you are interested in attending future training days like those mentioned above, please contact Terina Denny on Instagram for trainings in London or Lauren Daley for training days in Manchester. They will happily give you all the details regarding trainings and book you in.

VIVACY is excited to be attending Aesthetic Medicine Live conference (AM Live) and Aesthetic Conference & Exhibition (ACE) in the following weeks:

VIVACY will be on stand C6 at Aesthetic Medicine Live with their Guest Speaker, Swiss Plastic Surgeon Dr Herve Raspaldo. He will be giving a live talk on Saturday the 29th of February at 12:00pm on the Live Stage regarding Medical Rhinoplasty Using Dermal Fillers. Followed by a Live Demo at 3:45pm on Anatomical Analysis and Advanced Volumizing Treatments of the Face using STYLAGE® Dermal Fillers in Conference room 1.

They will be at stand C5 at Aesthetic Conference and Exhibition on the 13th and 14th of March. Dr Munir Somji will be their guest speaker with a live demo on Saturday the 14th of March, on the art of face volumization and contouring using STYLAGE® dermal fillers at 11:30am in Room B&C.

They hope to see you all there!