YOU CAN’T CONTROL A VIRUS - But You Can Control the Host

By Erchonia Lasers Ltd / 25 Jan 2021

Erchonia Webinar | Presented by Dr. Robert Silverman
Monday, 25th January 2021 | 7:00 - 8:00 pm GMT
~ 1 Hour Retrospective CPD/CE ~

About the Webinar

With the advent of new research and protocols surrounding the viral pandemic, many practitioners struggle to understand their patients' etiology and best direction.
As the pandemic continues, patients need additional help from clinicians to modify their lifestyle and dietary risk factors and improve their immune defenses. They need support in getting chronic inflammation and autoimmune conditions under control. These long-term goals are too late for the current pandemic's first wave, but later waves and new pandemics threaten. By helping your patients understand how to improve their immunity and reduce their risk, you give them the tools to enhance their ongoing health.

Join us for an insightful 60 min. Webinar with an industry expert, Dr. Robert Silverman, as he discusses how to navigate through this pandemic by sharing leading-edge laser protocols for improving patient outcomes.

Topics to be covered:
1) How to improve your everyday immune resilience
2) The role of the non-thermal laser by electro magnetic energy transfer for immunity
3) The connection of the nervous system and gut-lung axis for immunity
4) Discussion of continuing healthy habits, addressing health concerns, and preparing one's health for return to the “new normal.”
5) Explain the importance of modifying personal lifestyle and dietary risk factors to reduce inflammation and improve immunity
6) Recognize the possible rise in autoimmunity and increased inflammatory status following recovery from COVID-19 infection.
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